Possible Fissum bug (and broken Work Items page on your project)

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Jul 20, 2008 at 8:34 PM
Hi Michel,

I noticed that browsing your project's Work Items page encounters an error, which appears to be the same as the error I encountered on one of my own projects.

I was able to get it resolved by submitting a request to the CodePlex Support team, who did some "magic" behind the scenes on my behalf.

Here's what they emailed me when I asked what the root cause of the problem was (where I'd wondered if my use of your Fissum tool - which kicks ass, BTW - had caused this, or if there might be a possible bug in Fissum):

In our Issue Tracker and in TFS, work item status is represented with a capital letter at the beginning of the word, so “Open,” not “open,” etc.

One or more of your work items was closed with a lower case c, which the Issue Tracker didn’t recognize – in TFS it changes automatically to title case. We have made a correction on our end so that the Issue Tracker status will no longer be case sensitive, or it will change the case as the item comes in.

In all likelihood this is not something that the Fissum developer needs to change, since it’s an uncommon issue (which is why it is not in the Issue Tracker), and we’ve fixed it for the next release.

Even if their site won't suffer from this problem in the future, I'd hate for Fissum to encountered unexpected exceptions because of a simple uppercase/lowercase issue in certain requests.

Since I'm not able to browse your Work Items page, I can't submit a bug for this, but hopefully this Discussion thread will help you determine if there are any issues in the current Fissum codebase.

Hope this helps you,
Aug 4, 2008 at 4:27 PM
Hello Mike,

I made some tests with fissum to figure out how I managed to close a work item with a "c". But each time, a upper case "C" replaces it. I'll make a program to close a work item by changing the value to "close" and see what happens :)